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Portable Water Treatment Stick (Blue)

RM 44.90

Portable Water Treatment Stick 


Product details :

  • Weight : 32g
  • Size : 25cm x 8cm x 2cm
  • Contains : activated coconut carbon / alkalinizing agent
  • Manufactured from PP plastic
  • Filter non-woven fabric
  • Imported 


Benefits & Features  :

  • Further purify water & add mineral for crisp,
  • Make drinking water more delicious,
  • Portable and can bring to anywhere
  • Fits in any tumbler or bottle with at least 350ml
  • Easily changeable filter





1 water stick = 120 plastic bottles


Be GREEN from now to save our mother earth ! 


FAQ about Water Treatment Stick

1. How does the water treatment stick works ?

Answer: The water stick's filter contains granulated all-natural activated coconut carbon, just like every other filter in the world. We use the best quality carbon available, which is totally safe if ingested.  Shaking and swirling the water helps activate the filter and cleans the impurities of water (like chlorine, odors and bad taste) and changes tap water to Alkaline Water. Alkaline effect takes about 10 minutes. Check the Alkaline level (pH 8.5) using an easily available pool pH testing kit.

2. What is Alkaline Water Purification ? 

Answer: Alkaline Water purification involves raising the pH levels of the water to a level that is not found in modern day tap water.

3. What is the benefit of Alkaline Water to my body ?

Answer: Alkaline water helps balance your bodies’ acidity levels. In short; acidity is bad. It is attributed to modern lifestyle and diet and is an unnatural state for the human body. Alkaline Water (which is the opposite of acidic water) helps balance the bodies’ acidity that in turn helps balance your bodies’ metabolism. People report increased energy, alertness and general wellbeing when drinking Alkaline Water over a period of time.

4. How to use the Water Stick ? 

Answer: Insert the Water Stick into an empty bottle, fill your bottle with water. Shake for about 5 seconds then gently swirl the water to get the cleanest taste. The amount of time you swirl depends on the starting quality of water being used. Trust your taste buds. Swirling the water forces it through the specially designed intake vents and over the carbon filter. The more you swirl the water the cleaner it becomes.

5. Is the filter in Water Stick replaceable ?  

Answer: The filter of Water stick can be replaced by simply pop off the cover plates, replace the old filter bags and snap the cover plates back on. You can purchase replaceable filter packs separately as well. 

6. How often should I replace the filter ? 

The first purchased filter is designed to last about three months (or up to 120 bottles). You can purchase  replaceable filter packs separately as well which is designed to last 6 months (or up to  240 bottles)

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